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Let's follow Apolline

Apolline, a French-Dutch photographer, starts a journey in her native country. She wanders in the wild nature and explores the sparkling lights of industry. Dazzled by the greatness of humankind and deeply affected by the devastation caused by our civilization, she travels across a land floaded by waters searching for answers. Dreams and reality merge throughout the story. Apolline meets many fascinating characters during her roadtrip, as she is driven by countless questions and moved by the decline of our modern world. She is the very essence of the movie.



Why Rotterdam

In the Netherlands, the fight against raising waters has always needed bold actions, like the Delta Plan, and caused victories and sometimes terrible defeats. The survival of a country is at stake. The visual immersion into these lands threatened by waters, projects us into the very issue of climate change and highlights the struggle for the survival of our Planet Earth.

" Water in Fire " underlines a dramatic and universal issue and let us discover ( or rediscover) a country which is the symbol of our future through the eye of the camera. Apolline shows us the road of industries and lead us into the wild Nature close to  Rotterdam, a very vulnerable city, situated at the lowest spot of the country. We share her fears, questions and hopes in a very intense sensorial experience.


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Thank you !

Welcome to the project!

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Water in Fire is original as it is a collective film, carried by a team and its director, but also by its donors.

Nothing can be done without you, without your support to the problem of rising water, which could eventually take away a whole part of a country. This is not a disguised way to raise donations.

We wish to bring together a community around the same aim, which is to raise awareness of a very real problem. Whatever the amount, your participation will be one of the many bricks that are essential to the creation of a whole. You will be part of the result.

Unless you say otherwise, your name will appear in the credits and you will be invited to the previews that will precede the actual launch of the film.We thank you in advance for your participation.

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