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A very sophisticated plan

The creation of  " Water in Fire " is directly linked with the subject, that means to respect the environment. The film set is natural and the team is small. As much as possible, we will use the natural sources of light, the shooting will follow the rhythm of nature, the day and night lights. 

We chose a tale to tell the story, in order to touch everyone, according to a secular tradition, specific to the country. Since the dawn of time, tales are emotionally very powerful and mix successfullly fairytales, myths and legends to reality.

This concept inspired us to address climate change with strength and poetry.



About our planning

The movie is already written, the shooting places have been found, a part of the movie has already been shot.

Different periods of shooting will take place according to the seasons and the weather on 1st and 2nd quarter 2023.

If everything goes fine ( if you are numerous to support us... )  postproduction will take place between 3rd and 4th quarter 2023. " Water in Fire" will be ready at the end of the year.



About financing...

We need to reach a large audience beyond Europe and the more we will have financial support, the more our message will be heard. Time is passing quickly and, as usual, money is essential. We would like to shoot this winter and we are creating a community concerned by this matter. " Water in Fire " is written and shot in French and will be translated in English and Dutch.

A large communication network has  already been set up for the project :

- A website dedicated to the project and its life, 

- Storytelling during the shooting on social network,

- A photobook dedicated, 

- Organisation of previews ,

- Diffusion on cinema festivals, television, internet and DVD.


Help us raise funds

10 €

Thank you !

Welcome to the project!

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50 €

Thank you !

Welcome to the project!

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100 €

Thank you !

Welcome to the project!

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Thank you !

Welcome to the project!

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Your donation is secure. You don't need an account to donate.

Warning : if you arrived on the site from the Facebook application : open it outside Facebook to make a contribution.

Water in Fire is original as it is a collective film, carried by a team and its director, but also by its donors. Nothing can be done without you, without your support to the problem of rising water, which could eventually take away a whole part of a country. This is not a disguised way to raise donations. We wish to bring together a community around the same aim, which is to raise awareness of a very real problem. Whatever the amount, your participation will be one of the many bricks that are essential to the creation of a whole. You will be part of the result. Unless you say otherwise, your name will appear in the credits and you will be invited to the previews that will precede the actual launch of the film.

We thank you in advance for your participation.

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